Here are some reviews from parents who have chosen us to be their child's medical home.


  • Dr Baum is literally "da bomb"! Dr Baum and his staff are very professional, patient, kind and understanding. They always go the extra mile for my ohana. The communication with phone calls and text messages are definitely a plus. We are very grateful and appreciate Dr Baum and staff.

    - Sharona N. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum was my husband’s pediatrician and is now all three of our own children’s pediatrician. He and his staff are amazing! They always address any of our questions promptly and are welcoming every time we come. We also love Dr Leesa there! We know our ‘ohana is in great hands there.

    - Kawai K. via Google Reviews
  • The absolute gold standard for pediatric care. Wonderful with the children, extremely knowledgeable and always there to help when you need it. As a parent with medically complicated children, it has been amazing having such a stellar team supporting our family from day one.

    - Jackie M. via Google Reviews
  • We love Dr Baum! He’s been our pediatrician for both myself and my now 8-year-old daughter. Everyone in the office has always been helpful, reliable, and kind throughout the many years I’ve been there. It’s exciting that he has Leesa there as well, she’s very knowledgeable and sweet. I’ve always received quick and timely responses. Would highly recommend to any parent(s) looking for trustworthy pediatric office.

    Show More - Taylor B. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum and his staff provide exceptional care for my kids, genuinely compassionate and caring.

    - Audra M. via Google Reviews
  • Great office! Both of my children go here. My favorite is the texting system. You can send them a message anytime with an issue you are having and they respond so quickly! Always easy to get a last-minute appointment if you are worried about something. Dr. Baum was my husband’s pediatrician and he is a genuinely caring and patient doctor. Dr. Leesa is also great with the kids. My kids enjoy going to the doctor and it’s because of this great office and staff. We love you guys, thank you!!!!

    Show More - Kimberly F. via Google Reviews
  • Since the day they were born, my children have been under the care of Dr. Baum and his staff. Throughout the years they have consistently provided our family with exceptional care and professionalism with any concern or need that we had, from school forms to health questions, they provided whatever was necessary. Would like to recognize Sarah, Ariel, "O", Leesa (PA-C), and of course Dr. Baum for the genuine aloha and care throughout the years!!

    Show More - Cherry T. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum has taking care of all 5 of my children from birth too young adults he’s been there for them and I absolutely would not go to anyone else. He is completely thorough and addresses any questions or concerns I have about my children. Best pediatrician in my opinion 🙌

    - Deanna D. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum was my pediatrician growing up and he is now my daughter’s. He and Dr. Leesa are the best! Reception's staff is always so kind and accommodating.

    - Lela C. via Google Reviews
  • 5 stars X 1000 more, and then some, for our exceptional experience with Dr. Baum and his staff. We are so grateful for him, for his kind heart, his thoroughness, his wealth of knowledge, for his organized and systematic office atmosphere, and most importantly, for him giving the best care to my 4 children. He is so patient, so professional, and just simply amazing.

    Show More - Jacqueline N. via Google Reviews
  • Two-word description - THE BEST. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dr. Baum and ALL the staff members there. They are always so welcoming, and kind every time we come in for a visit. Whenever we have questions or concerns, the team is always there to support and assist us in whatever way they can. The energy there is very calming, and the team always makes you feel safe and loved. Dr. Baum and his team are truly passionate in what they do, and it definitely radiates through their amazing work and personalities

    Show More - Tia B. via Google Reviews
  • We have been going to Dr. Baum for 14 years. Dr. Baum genuinely expresses care and concern for our children. We appreciate and trust his expertise and experience. His office staff is friendly and helpful.

    - Melodie T. via Google Reviews
  • We love Dr. Baum and his amazing staff! He has been our family pediatrician since I was born…30 years ago!!! And now it’s come full circle and he sees my children!! Mahalo Dr and staff for all your hard work and commitment :) Y’all are the bomb!

    - Rachel A. via Google Reviews
  • Dr Baum was my pediatrician and my kids and my grandkids. The care we receive and the answers to our questions are always comforting and professional. They go above and beyond to help us meet our care and needs.

    - Rene A.
  • Dr. Baum and his entire staff is amazing. Everyone is friendly and patient. You get that small office feeling, where everyone knows you. The staff always provides great service and returns your call or online message timely, even outside normal office hours. They also prioritize making my boys feel safe and comfortable during their visits.

    Show More - Tracy F. via Google Reviews
  • All 3 of my children go to Dr. Baum’s office. The staff and doctors there are awesome. They are friendly, communicates with our family efficiently, and are very knowledgeable. They are also very patient and understanding when dealing with challenging situations. I highly recommend Dr. Baum to anyone.

    Show More - Tammy K.
  • Dr. Baum & his entire staff are extremely kind & helpful. You are always greeted with warm smiles from Ariel & Sarah & feel safe & comfortable going to his office. He is so patient & calm with all of his patients & you can tell he genuinely loves what he does & loves all the children. He is available through a messaging system whenever you have questions if you aren’t sure if you need to go in or not & responds in a timely manner. Leesa will also respond & is such a lovely addition to his prac

    Show More - Brynne C. via Google Reviews
  • Growing up Dr. Baum was my pediatrician and we are so grateful that we were able to have him for my child's pediatrician as well. The environment and staff here is very family oriented and welcoming. Dr. Baum is always understanding as well as educational in regards to any concern we had. My child looks forward to going to his office and knows that its where he goes to get better. We are very lucky to have him here on the island.

    Show More - Leanna B. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum and team has been an integral part of my kids growing. Walking into Dr. Baum’s office. It’s like walking into a family members home. We are always welcome, calls are returned in a prompt manner, and it’s always lead with kindness.

    - Christina L. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum and Leesa are godsend to our family. They both listen to our health concerns regarding our daughter and respond appropriately and in a timely manner with information. As first-time parents we have a lot of questions regarding changes going on and sometimes texting them on odd times even on weekends. They both follow up on what is going on. The entire office staff and nurses are very pleasant and competent. My wife and I are very happy to have our daughter well taken care of.

    Show More - Dave C. via Google Reviews
  • We have known Dr. Baum since the day my oldest daughter was born 11 years ago. He has been an amazing pediatric physician for both my daughters and we highly recommend him to anyone on Maui looking for a caring doctor! He’s always been very cool, calm and collected throughout our appointments and is patient to answer any questions we have.

    Show More - Nina R. via Google Reviews
  • We love everything about Dr. Baum’s office. The care is exceptional!

    - Andrea H. via Google Reviews
  • We have been with Dr. Baum for 15 years. He took on my oldest son, and at birth he was not breathing right away and we got flown out to Kapiolani. Dr. Baum met us on Oahu and explained everything to me that was going on with my son. He stayed with my son for the first few days, which made me feel so safe. After leaving he reached out to me daily checking in on my son until we came home about 2 months later. He has been nothing but the best doctor ever. All 4 of my keiki love our visits to Dr. Ba

    Show More - Kortney U.
  • Dr. Baum has been a fabulous Pediatrician for our kids for over 12 years. Highly recommended and we appreciate him and his staff so much!

    - Charles P. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum and his entire staff are awesome! Finding a good pediatrician is a big deal. Both my kids have been Dr. Baum's patients since they were babies. They always look forward to their visits, and never want to leave. He and the staff are organized, friendly, welcoming, and always go above and beyond. They have always been able to help answer any questions or concerns that I’ve had and respond to calls and give advice promptly. The office is always clean and easy to schedule with. Having Dr.

    Show More - Desiree C. via Google Reviews
  • We have always felt blessed that we have Dr Baum and his caring team of nurses, doctors and crew to help keep our 'ohana healthy! Our girls seem to get sick all the time and we know that we are in great hands and have more peace of mind when they do. Taking a sick kid to the doctor is never fun, Dr Baum's team makes the experience comfortable and easy.

    Show More - Travis M.
  • My siblings and I all went to Dr Frank as babies and kids, and I am so thankful that now my baby girl is a patient of his too! They have a messaging system where you can ask questions and Dr Frank will respond, I've used this quite a lot and he always answers even when it's not during work hours. It's been a lifesaver! We love Dr Frank and everyone at the office :)

    Show More - Tiffany C.
  • We were very fortunate to have Dr. Frank Baum as my son's pediatrician. Dr. Baum is knowledgeable, patient, calm, and caring. He has always been there for us, from frequent office visits to frantic emergency calls late at night. Throughout this journey, Dr. Baum has been a steadying force in my son's life (not to mention for his parents as well!). We will always appreciate what he has done for us. Thanks Dr. Baum!

    Show More - Sharyn M.
  • Dr. Baum and his entire staff are awesome! Finding a good pediatrician is a big deal. Both my kids have been Dr. Baum's patients since they were babies. They always look forward to their visits, and never want to leave. The staff is organized, friendly, welcoming, and always go above and beyond. They have always been able to help answer any questions or concerns that I’ve had and respond to calls and give advice promptly. The office is always clean and easy to schedule with. Having Dr. Baum b

    Show More - Destiny A.
  • Amazing staff and doctors! Check ups are always a breeze and informational. They are always accommodating to seeing my children when they are sick.

    - Kaci F.V.
  • Everyone at the office is super nice and accommodating to my two children & I. My children have seen both Dr. Baum as well as Leesa. They both thoroughly answer my questions and I never feel rushed. Ariel always greets us and checks us in. If I ever forget to ask a question either she or Sarah will get me an answer. Such a great team! Of course, my kids dislike getting shots, but they are not afraid to go to the doctor because of the rest of the experience. Thank you, Dr. Baum and Team, for a ki

    Show More - Malia M.
  • Dr. Baum has been my children's doctor from day one. Nothing but good and awesome things come from him. Even when going to the ER, I always call Dr. Baum to get his opinion. We love Dr. Baum, Leesa and all his staff from his office.

    - Tabitha K.
  • We love Dr. Baum! Dr. Baum has been my daughter’s pediatrician since the moment she took her first breath 16 years ago! I am so thankful for the excellent care we have received from Dr. Baum and his entire team. Ms. Leesa Foree, PA-C is a great addition to the care team at Dr. Baum's office. I know whenever we have a medical issue or need, I can count on the team at Dr. Baum's to get my daughter back to her best health. Calling in to get an appointment or talk to someone is so easy, and they

    Show More - Mikiala M.
  • Dr. Baum is amazing he makes every visit personal and special. My kids love Dr. Baum and even pretend to be him when they play doctor. His staff is awesome and friendly and Nurse O is the best!! So glad my kids get to go to mommy’s doctor she had growing up!!

    - Natasha S. via Google Reviews
  • All of the staff are so welcoming and friendly. I’ve been with them for 6 years now and I have no complaints. Keep up the good job you guys are all amazing!

    - Kellie F.
  • We adore Dr. Baum and his staff. They are knowledgeable, caring, and accessible. We are blessed to be in their care.

    - Ashley T. via Google Reviews
  • Dr. Baum is the best Pediatrician on island. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. He always goes above and beyond to make sure my keiki are taken care of. Leesa, his PA is awesome too. His staff is amazing, very helpful and welcoming.

    - Edwina L.
  • I met Dr. Baum at MMMC at my sister’s birth when I was 15 years old. I helped my father raise my sister. Dr. Baum helped guide me as her pediatrician for her entire youth. He continually gave encouragement and guidance when necessary. Many years later I had three children of my own. Each C-section I knew my new born would be in caring hands. Over the years Dr. Baum and staff have helped me with whatever I’ve needed. We’ve never felt rushed and always welcomed. My children have had multiple

    Show More - Acacia D.
  • The receptionist and nurses are amazing! They’re always willing to help assist and go the extra mile to ensure my kids are scheduled for their check-ups as well as preparing paperwork when needed.

    - Jaylyn G.
  • Dr. Baum was my pediatrician when I was a child and I only have great memories! So when the time came for me to choose a Dr. for my children, the choice was obvious! I trust Dr. Baum and his staff and I am beyond thankful for everything. They offer direct text messaging for times when you have a question for the doctor but not sure if you need to go in. Dr. Baum personally responds, even on weekends and after hours ! And he responds quickly which is extremely reassuring. I have also been able to

    Show More - Kaylin C. via Google Reviews
  • We are so grateful to have Dr. Baum and his staff taking care of our kids for the past 14 years! Booking an appointment or getting prescriptions re-ordered is a breeze, and the secure text messaging system is a game-changer. During office hours I'll call staff to ask a question or describe my child's symptoms, and I'll receive a text message response from Dr. Baum or Leesa within the hour. I've never utilized the system after-hours, but it's really reassuring to know that I have access to our pe

    Show More - Jamie P.
  • Both my children have gone to Dr. Baum since birth. I have been happy with the care they receive. I highly recommend Dr. Baum and his team.

    - Anita C.
  • Dr. Baum and his Staff have always been so fast to help our family out in need. We are grateful to have them!

    - Heidi S.

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